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Welcome to my little shack on the web. My name is Kandace,but almost all the pimps and johns on the street know me by my nickname,Codename: Crackmonkey! If you are ever in town,come over to my shack and bring your spare change with you. I'm cheaper than a gumball machine (but not as sweet tasting).

Sorry, African-American males need not apply for this coochie! It's a cracker thing you wouldn't understand.

Well, I have to go now...I need to drive my dad to his clan meeting and I'm taking Bradley to Toys R Us to pick out a new Barbie doll (his reward for making 10th place in the Special Olympic's tryout race). But please come back soon...I get lonely in my roach infested ghetto! *sniff*

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Proud member of the Omega Mu fraternity!

Here I am with some of my fraternity sisters. I'm the one on the bottom row,right corner...next to the funky black sista with the helmut!

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Me,Naked in the Woods!

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My Dad!
Meet the man who screwed my white momma!

The 4Life Crew!
One hard wrestling site!

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