Introductions & random thoughts

Welcome to my homepage for fast food collectibles...The Toy Nation! I guess you're here because you share an interest in this great hobby and would like to find that special toy (or toys) to complete your collection. Well,in the next few weeks (and months),I will be adding pages of fast food toys that will be for sale or trade. I've been collecting for a few years,so if you are looking for something,there is a very good chance I might have it!

In the meantime,until I get those toys listed on this site...send me your wish list! If I have what you seek,I sell for very reasonable prices or I will trade for anything on my want list.

Now here's a little something about myself and some other random thoughts...

My name is Terry and I live in Charleston,South Carolina. I've been collecting fast food toys since 1997 and I also collect action figures (Star Wars,WWF,Simpsons,Buffy The Vampire Slayer,Marvel) and I'm very much into all types of music.

"If I like it,I buy it" is my slogan! :)

In the past year,I've scaled back on what I collect. I use to try and get all the sets that were coming out. But,there was too much frustration trying to complete a set,so now I only buy the toys I like and I don't worry about trying to get every new set that comes out. It has made collecting much easier and more enjoyable (for me anyway).

As you can imagine,I've built up a pretty nice collection. For now,the highlight of my collection is the 1988 Test Market Garfield set. They are so cool and BIG...not huge,but bigger than the regular Garfield set from '89.

Here is a picture of the Garfield test set (sorry about picture quality):

Some of my other favorite sets include Muppet Babies sets 1 & 3 ('86 & '90), Test Market Muppet Kids ('89), The Happy Birthday Train ('94), Marvel Super Heroes ('96), Burger King's Scooby Doo set ('96) and Star Wars Trilogy & Episode 1 ('97 & '99).

Thanks again for visiting my site! Please let me know what you're looking for and be sure to check back often. I will be updating this site on a weekly basis (this page included). Also,check out my updated wanted list...I'm always looking for toys in my neverending collection! ;)