McDonald's Toys!

As of July 3,1998...all toys listed on this page are 25 each!

Batman: The Animated Series '93
Two-Face flip car

Aladdin & The King of Thieves '96
Abu on carpet--Genie with cake

Beetleborgs Metallix '97
Beetle Bonder 1 in opened bag--Purple badge

The Busy World of Richard Scarry '94
Lowly Worm in apple car--Huckle Cat in blue car (10 each)

Bobby's World '94
Bobby on Tricycle--On Innertube (10 each)

Hercules '97

Mickey & Friends at Epcot '94
Action figures: French Pluto--Swedish Daisy Duck

Muppet Treasure Island '96
Kermit on boat (no sail)--Miss Piggy color changing float--Fozzie the Bear in barrel

Nickelodeon's Tangle Toys '97
Grab bag of various twist-a-zoids

Space Jam '96
Daffy Duck

Spider-Man '95
Venom car

Walt Disney Masterpiece Collection '96
Aristocat--Merlin--Robin Hood

Various McD Toys


Upside down Wakko on trike

Back to the Future
Marty on Hoverboard

Fraggle Rock

Gobo in carrot--Mokey in eggplant--Wembly & Boober in pickle car

Hunchback of Notre Dame
Birdcatcher Quasimodo--Esmeraldo tamborine

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