$$$ Pimp Hart's Discount Coupons $$$

So you want to spend a night with Kandace,but your money is a little tight. Have no fear,because your Pimp Hart has got your back. On this page you will find VALUABLE discount coupons to use on Kandace. And don't let her tell you no,she don't accept coupons. If she does,you have my permission to give her an open-handed slap across the face at NO CHARGE!

Here are REGULAR prices for Kandace's services:

1 night of HOT sex=1.75

1 night of HORRIBLE sex=1.70

1 blow job=1.00

Additional blow jobs after first=.75 cents each

She takes it up the ass=1.50

Slap her on the ass=.25 cents per 5 slaps

Open handed slap on the face=2.00


Refunds are negotionable!

Now that you know what I charge,print out the coupons and enjoy(?) your Kandace experience...I hope you survive it.

Many come in,but few come back!

$$$ 1.00 OFF COUPON $$$

Use this coupon to receive 1.00 off REGULAR priced night of HOT or HORRIBLE sex...you pay only 75 cents! Get an EXTRA 10% off on her "not so fresh" nights. That's an extra 10 cents savings!!! Expires 12/5/97

$$$ Buy 1,Get 1 Free $$$

Buy 1 REGULAR priced selection,get the next one FREE! Good on all things EXCEPT Open Handed Pimp Slaps and Blindfolds. Sorry. Coupon not good with any other offers or coupons. Expires 10/9/97.

$$$ 10% Off Heather $$$

Spend one night with Kandace at REGULAR price,get the next night with the best at 10% off! Heather's REGULAR price is 200.00---you save 20.00!!! Hurry,coupon Expires 9/17/97!

$$$ Free Paper Bag $$$

Use this coupon to receive a Free Paper Bag*! Coupon is good for ANY selection and CAN be used with other coupons! If you don't want to see Kandace and what she is doing to you,feel free to use this coupon!
*In case we run out of paper bags,you will be given your choice of a plastic bag,vomit bag or 25% off 1 blindfold! Expires 1/18/98!