Hiya everyone...me Bradley,Kandace's loved,but unwanted son. She sometimes me mommy...sometimes lady with beard takes care of me. I like circus monkeys. This page is to show my peeps my current daddy of the week. Sometimes, there's like,a dozen daddys a day in the revolving front door of our shack...and a sign over the door I not understand...it flashes "serving customer number 455",then a hour later it flashes "serving customer number 463". It bothers me. But mommy says it teaches me to count,just like Big Bird teaches other ghetto trash to count. My mommy is like Cookie Monster...you should see her when we get a box of Teddy Grahams...she bites their heads off and makes me cry *waaaauuuuuuugggghhh*. I like Cabbage Patch Kids,they look like mommy,but pretty. Anyway,check back each week for a new dad...mommy,who's my new daddy this week...wait,your not mommy,you bearded lady *waaauuuuuuggghhh*

Dad of the Week!

And the loser is...

Would you like to be my daddy of the week? If so,send your stats to my mommy at:


My mommy says she likes her men big at the wee-wee and she says no brown men,like Gordon from Sesame Street. Good luck!

Previous losers were these poor bastards: