My sister Heather

Well,here she is guys. Hotter than a nekkid Salma Hayek on a summer day,it's my sister,Heather! Bitch...everyone likes her. Even my pimp-daddy likes her more than me! He charges crazy fat money for just an hour with her. He treats her so her hugs and lovin'...all he gives me is an open-handed slap on the mouth. He takes her all over the town,stylin' and profilin'...he just takes me to Remount Road and powerbombs me on the street when I don't make enough money. Then he beats me while all the little ghetto kids stand there laughing. Then when he's done,all those little Evans kids throw their Jolly Ranchers and basketball cards at me. Meanwhile,my pimp-daddy is treating Heather like a million-dollar ho. *sniff*...Don't mind me...I'll just sit in this little corner and cry,while you enjoy my sister's hot ass picture! *tears roll down chalky-white-pimp-beaten face*