Some of the people I know tell me I was spawned from Satan himself...but,'s just my white momma. She was raised in the jungles of Africa and years later was rescued by my soon-to-be-dad (he was hunting Africans). They came to the USA..screwed like monkeys on crack,and thus...I was born. But poor mom would find out years later that my daddy was screwing just about anybody during his years of travel (like Mexicans,Canadians,Eskimos,Peter Ricans,Goats,etc.) So who knows how many bros and sistas I have. But poor mom,she just sits around the house,scratchin' her ass and watching Webster on tv all day. Damn Webster all to hell...that's who she says she really wanted for a kid. She yells at me and says I remind her of Natalie from Facts of Life...*sobbing* what did I do to get such abuse from people...*crying* I just want some respect...wait,I hear the Ice Cream man coming down the street...I gots to go! Mmmmmmmm...Nutty Buddys and Ice cream man!

My Mom!