Tom,My Stepdad!

Tired from years of abuse,punches to the face,and having to sew clothes from white sheets,my mom finally decided to leave my daddy and fall into the greasy arms of another man. How I hate him. Everything was going great for my mom was happily making me ten square meals a day,Heather was making the big dough on Remount,and my daddy was taking care of his family. He was even planning on taking us all to the Million-Man March in Washington,DC so he could,as he put it in his own words,"Kill all those dirty apes at one time". But,it was not meant to be. Mommy dearest left daddy for this cock sucker called Tom. All he's good for is fixing my toilet when I overflood it on my nasty period days. I tell you,it looks like someone spilled Cherry Kool-Aid up in that muthafuck.