My Favorite Hangouts on the Web!

When I'm not out on Remount doing tricks,I just love to surf the web. Just call me the Jabberjaw of the net! Here is an exclusive look at my favorite sites and the places I frequent the most on the web. I have to go now,can't stray from Remount too long. I don't want Mattress Mary getting all my business,'cuz I need all the change I can get!

Thank the Lord for Food!

"Over 10 Billion served"...and I'm responsible for half that number!
Pizza Hut
Their Bigfoot pizzas wasn't big enough for me!
Burger King
10 Whoppers for me,none for you!
Taco Bell
I'll have a Soft Taco and Salma Hayek please!
Wendy looks like me,but skinny!
Kentucky Fried Chicken
That giant bucket sign gets me excited!

Thank the Lord for Sex!

Lifestyles Condoms
I need an ass-load of these babies!
See women who look better than me!

My Web Site Wish List!

Little Caesars
Krispy Kremes
Barnum and Bailey's Circus
Hungry Hungry Hippos: The official web site
Crack Dealers: Official site!
Chris Burke Fan page
Webster Episode Guide (for mom)
The fat chick from "Austin Stories" (my look-alike)

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